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Bakers. Musicians. Gardeners. Bikers. Readers. Travelers. The ECDI family spans a huge range of interests, backgrounds, expertise and experiences. But one thing we all have in common is a serious passion for our small business clients.

If you share our excitement for small business and our belief in helping others, you may be a great fit! Learn about career opportunities below.

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Career Opportunities

Small businesses need help now, more than ever, and the ECDI team is continually adding services and capacity to increase our level of support.​ 

We are serious about lifting up entrepreneurs who have not been given equal access to opportunities. We believe in fostering an environment of respect for all. And we live for the creativity and adaptability of the entrepreneurial spirit and welcome ideas and innovation from our team.

We're also serious about taking care of our team, with a benefits package that includes paid time off, health insurance and 401k.

If you are excited by the idea of working for social justice and you truly believe in the power of small business, check out our career opportunities!


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