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Help us support small businesses

Imagine your community without your favorite coffee shop, family-owned restaurant, salon, shop, or daycare. These small Main Street businesses give our neighborhoods their character while providing jobs and building community. 

With an increasingly uncertain economy, it's harder than ever to run a small business. This is why ECDI has been working overtime to assure that Ohio's businesses have the support and resources they need to survive.


If you share our passion for small business and all the benefits they bring to our communities, there are many ways you can contribute. Start by making a pledge to shop local when you can, and please explore all these ways you can help us support the local companies you love.

Ways you can help us support small businesses:


Every dollar you donate helps us support Ohio's small businesses, through training, business advising, and lending. You can donate online (simply click below), via check (view address), or through your donor-advised fund.


If you're a seasoned business pro, who can act as an advisor to a small business entrepreneur, consider joining our Professional Advisory Network.

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