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Imagine your community without your favorite coffee shop, family-owned restaurant, salon, shop or daycare. These small Main Street businesses give our neighborhoods their character while providing jobs and building community. 


Since the beginning of the current economic downturn, ECDI has been working overtime to assure that Ohio's small businesses have the support and resources they need to survive. If you share our passion for small business and all the benefits they bring to our communities, there are many ways you can contribute. Start by making a pledge to shop local when you can, and please explore all these ways you can help us support the local companies you love.

Ways you can help us support small businesses:

Shop Local

Visit the ECDI online store, where 100% of our profits are used for our COVID relief efforts, or you can link directly to local businesses you can support.


Every dollar you donate helps us support Ohio's small businesses, through training, business advising and lending. 


If you're a seasoned business pro, who can act as an advisor to a small business entrepreneur, consider joining our Professional Advisory Network.

Invest Local Ohio

It's a smarter savings account. Invest and get a guaranteed return while funding a local small business.

(Not currently open to new investments.)

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ECDI is one of the top U.S. SBA intermediary microlenders with a mission to invest in people to create measurable and enduring social and economic change. ECDI provides responsible, affordable lending and comprehensive small business development services to help underbanked people and communities join the economic mainstream. ECDI’s target population includes low-moderate income individuals, minorities, women, immigrants, and refugees, and those otherwise precluded from funding from a traditional financial institution.

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