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CDFI Loan Participation Program

The Ohio Department of Development has partnered with ECDI to offer of the Community Development Financial Institution Loan Participation Program (CDFI LPP). This program offers loan funding for small businesses across the state of Ohio.

Learn more about the loan details and eligibility.

If access to this highly affordable loan funding would help you grow your business, fill out a loan inquiry form today!

Funding made possible by:

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​CDFI Loan Participation Program

Loan Details

  • Businesses can borrow up to $1,000,000

  • Interest: Prime rate, minus 0.25%

  • Repayment terms: Loans may be given for a maximum of 10 years

Loan can be used for

  • Business expansion – including equipment, inventory, etc.

  • Working capital – including payroll, employee training, etc.

  • Attracting new employees – including competitive wages, benefits, etc.

  • Land or building purchases, construction, renovation, etc.

  • Marketing, market research, and commercialization expenses.

  • Franchising costs.

  • Research and development.

  • Technology integration

  • Refinance outstanding debt - restrictions apply



  • Be registered with the Ohio Secretary of State as one of the following:

    • Corporation

    • Partnership

    • Sole proprietorships/contractors

    • Limited Liability Company

  • Headquartered in Ohio with fewer than 250 employees.

  • New or existing businesses with gross revenues equal to or less than $20 million.

  • Create or retain jobs in Ohio as a result of the loan.

  • Borrowers with historical or projected business debt service coverage ratio of 1:1.

  • Borrowers that are not involved in real estate investment, speculative activities, lending or leasing activities, pyramid sales, illegal activities, gambling activities, charitable institutions, religious institutions, consumer and marketing cooperatives, direct or indirect marijuana activity, and nonprofits.

  • Borrowers whose principal(s) of the business have not been convicted of a sex offense against a minor.

  • Borrowers who sign the CDFI LPP Borrower’s Certifications.

  • Must meet ECDI’s underwriting requirements.


The Benefits

  • Great for businesses that need funds to grow

  • Ideal if having funding to grow your staff would enable you to grow your business revenue

  • Attainable for business owners with low to average credit or ones who have been denied traditional financing

  • Ideal for women-owned, minority-owned or veteran-owned businesses

  • Can be used for most valid business needs

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