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Help remove the barriers to entrepreneurship

If you or your organization supports small businesses, we collaborate with you to address entrepreneurs’ needs and help them gain access to business capital. We are dedicated to helping small businesses grow by offering a range of responsible loan programs, in addition to education and incubation services.

By leveraging the resources available at ECDI, you give your clients access to support they need to successfully start up or expand, helping them become sustainable faster. 

What we do and why
Have colleagues or friends who need a lending resource?

Ways ECDI can help support small businesses

Resources that are available to your clients

  • One-on-one consultations

  • Financial literacy training

  • Business incubation programs

  • Marketing, business planning and other coaching

  • Articles and digital resources

  • Web, eCommerce and digital workshops

  • Mentorship from local experts

Small business loan details


Loan sizes

  • Start-up businesses, up to $250,000

  • Existing businesses, up to $2,000,000


Loan terms

  • 6 to 120 months


Loan conditions

  • Interest rates are comparable to market and SBA averages

  • 5% closing cost (maximum)


Eligible loan uses

  • Working capital

  • Equipment

  • Inventory

  • Construction

Why small businesses?


When small businesses thrive, so do communities

Small businesses are the heart and soul of a thriving community, which is why it’s essential to support them.

  • They provide jobs. Reports show that small businesses have created two out of every three net new jobs since 2014. 

  • They keep money in the community. When citizens buy from a small business, their money goes to pay local employee salaries, kick-starting a chain reaction that serves the entire community.

  • They support local charities. Small business owners are more likely to be invested in the community and motivated to give their time and resources to make it better.

  • They reflect and amplify the culture of the community. Small business owners are smart, entrepreneurial, influential people who are often the change-makers in a community.

Loan details
Why small business
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