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Wine, Music, and Inspiration

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

After falling in love with the music scene in Washington D.C., Tammie Scott was inspired to open a wine and jazz lounge that encompassed the rich musical culture of Cincinnati.

Growing up, her grandmother told stories about how Cincinnati jazz clubs were gathering places in the 1930s and 1940s, especially for people of color. “She always felt like they were an escape from what was happening in the world,” Scott said, and built on that inspiration when developing the plan to open her own club. “I think Nostalgia is similar because we opened in a pandemic and are still living in a pandemic, but at the same time the lounge provides an escape for people.”

When researching small business resources for women, Scott learned of the ECDI Women’s Business Centers of Ohio.

“Coincidentally, I was living right around the corner from ECDI’s office. I met with the team and learned about all the resources they offer,” Scott recalled.

ECDI’s team helped her prepare to apply for her small business loan and referred her to local grant opportunities to fund Nostalgia Wine and Jazz Lounge’s opening. Scott said, “It was a way for me to fill in my funding gaps.”

Nostalgia, an intimate wine bar and live music lounge in Cincinnati’s Over-The-Rhine neighborhood, is thriving today.

“We are more than just a wine bar,” Scott explained, “Our mission is to support underrepresented wine and spirit makers and producers, as well as the talented community of musicians in the city.”

Scott is proud to have created a place that represents her local community’s music history and offers live jazz and soul music every week.

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