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Lessons Learned from Small Business Successes

These entrepreneurs have experienced it firsthand and are eager to support your success. Explore the wealth of tips and advice shared by our clients, specifically for fellow small business owners like yourself. Whether you're embarking on your journey or striving for expansion, rest assured – these valuable insights are here to benefit you!

"Network like your job depends on it... because it does! You can not have a successful business by sitting at home, do things out of your comfort zone, meet people outside of your circle. Networking has been the most impactful way I've grown my small business."

Benesafe Solutions

"Always think of new ideas for your business. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box. This will help you to separate yourself from the competition."

City Belle Fried Pies

"Create processes for everything! From sales to marketing to answering emails. When you're ready to delegate, it will be much easier to do so if you can easily direct your new hire to documentation that they can reference anytime!"

ATB Social

"Be open minded. Allow the business to take you in directions, even if it's not what you originally had in mind. Never give up. That's what I was told multiple times, even if it gets hard and stressful at times, just keep going. On your worst days there are still good things that happen and remember to focus on the good."

Gazelle Mechanical and Logistics

"Anyone can learn how to cook. You need to learn how to make cooking a business that makes money. So learn how business runs and then you can make money making food."

– Matija Breads

"Make sure you understand how you will be running the business. You will wear so many hats, from marketing to ordering to collecting to customer service. Make sure you are 150% into this and you have financial backup. You're going to work 7 days a week, but in the end you're going to love what you do. If you really do what you love, you will never work a day in your life."

AJL Group

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