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Training the Hospitality Stars of the Future

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

On the 16th floor of the Franklin County Municipal Court sits Café Overlook, a restaurant-to-be with a great view of Columbus’ skyline. “There’s not a place in Columbus with a better view. That includes rooftops,” said Service! co-founder and president Matthew Heaggans.

Café Overlook will provide more than great food and views. This restaurant will serve as “a training ground for the hospitality stars of the future,” Service! co-founder and treasurer, Letha Pugh, said.

The minimum pay will start at $15 an hour, and employees will receive benefits such as health insurance, wraparound services, and assistance with transportation. Employees will learn all the skills needed to succeed in the industry, from the front to the back-of-the-house.