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Grit, Grind and Gain

Chris Laffartha, owner of ChrisFit Cross Training, can summarize business, life and exercise in three words: Grit, Grind and Gain.

Grit is perseverance. Gym members exhibit grit by committing to show up for the workout. In Laffartha’s life, grit was committing to pivot from an unsatisfying career path to pursue a business he felt passionate about. He started by applying for business funding and working with ECDI’s Jim Matzinger to refine his plan, while taking steps to be loan ready.

Chris Laffartha with Jim Matzinger

Grind is the hard work necessary to succeed in the gym. In Laffartha’s life, the grind was actually building the gym. The business plan he had worked out with Matzinger included doing his own renovations to keep startup costs low. In only a month, Laffartha and a crew of supportive friends and clients transformed a former sporting goods store into ChrisFit gym.

Gain is the payoff. Exercising at the gym leads to a healthier life. For Laffartha, owning his own business and sharing a sense of community and accomplishment with his clients is his reward.

Laffartha installed a set of mirrors on the gym wall to help motivate clients. “Look up, keep your chin up, and keep moving. That’s how you’re going to be successful,” says Laffartha – another strategy that applies to workouts and to life.

“Seeing my clients succeed is my motivation. They inspire me just as much as I inspire them.”

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