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10 Must-Eat Spots To Visit This Summer

What better way to kick off the summer than sitting on a patio with a refreshing beverage and mouth-watering food? Whether you're meeting friends or cooling off on a warm day, ECDI clients offer some great summertime spots you need to hit up!

Where? 7620 Industrial Pkwy, Plain City, OH

You can't miss patio season at this local brewpub! They have Bavarian beers, hand-crafted cocktails, and a full menu featuring Bavarian inspired food with fresh, local ingredients.

Where? Budd Dairy Food Hall, Columbus, OH

Looking to fill your summer up with southern flavor? Their signature catfish and shrimp sandwiches are great picks for a summery dinner, especially alongside Auntie Shyne’s Red Drank – a refreshing mix of red tropical Kool-Aid and pineapple juice.

Where? 1400 E 105th St Cleveland, OH

This is your neighborhood coffee shop, offering a full lineup of gourmet coffee drinks, cold brew coffee, breakfast sandwiches, grilled paninis, and desserts. Enjoy an iced cold brew or frappe!

Where? 2215 Chester Ave, Cleveland, OH

The very first Afro-Caribbean restaurant in Cleveland! Enjoy chef-prepared, Afro-Caribbean meals and fresh juice. Try their snack of the summer, afro-fries!

Where? East Market, Columbus, OH

Too Good Eats is your perfect frozen treat for a hot, summer day. These frozen pops come in countless flavors, such as pineapple supreme, lemonberry lavender, raspcherry, and more! The best part is they come from real fruits and veggies and have no sugar added - win, win!

Where? 15 N. Main St. Frankfort, Ohio

Stop by this Frankfort coffee shop for a refreshing iced coffee on their patio or a brewed bottle to go!

Where? 9751 Chester Ave Cleveland, OH

An American deli with Egyptian flare. You're bound to find something you love on their endless menu full of waffles, babaganoush, burgers, sandwiches, Egyptian specialties, Baklava, and more!

Where? 1432 Vine Street. Cincinnati, OH

Every day is a rosé on the patio kind of day at Nostalgia. This is an intimate wine bar and live music lounge located in the heart of OTR, featuring wines and spirits by women and people of color. Enjoy a glass of wine, cocktail, or a delicious cheese board from The Rhined.

Where? 47 N. Pearl St. Columbus, OH

Get ready for an exotic meal at this family-owned business. You can visit their restaurant, find their food truck or order catering.

Where? 15027 Madison. Ave. Lakewood, OH

Farm-fresh, in-season produce is the focus of this tapas restaurant opening in Lakewood this summer. Enjoy the intimate, outdoor patio and French, Spanish and South American flavors.

Think local this summer and beyond! Local businesses are owned and operated by your neighbors, who care about the well-being of your community.

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There are several options on eggy car the menu, such as waffles, babaganoush, burgers, and sandwiches.


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sob adiet
sob adiet
May 21

The menu is limitless and has a wide variety of dishes, including waffles, babaganoush, burgers, sandwiches, Egyptian delicacies, Baklava, and many more! dordle

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