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20th Anniversary Loan Offer

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 It’s ECDI’s anniversary – and   we’re giving YOU an offer!  

This summer marks ECDI’s 20th anniversary, and we’re celebrating all season by doing the thing we’re most passionate about: helping small businesses grow!

Could $10,000 help you cover staffing, inventory, supplies, or any daily business expense that would enable your company to grow? If so, ECDI would be thrilled to help.

Affordable working capital is a crucial asset to small businesses – and it’s also hard to find in today’s credit market. That's why we’re offering you up to $10,000, at a competitive 6.99% interest rate, to help you achieve your business goals.


Limited-time, 20th anniversary offer expires September - so grab it while you can!


Competitive rate

Get up to $10,000 at only 6.99% interest! 

Affordable monthly payments 

Payment options start at just $325 per month for 36 months 

No-cost business services

ECDI clients benefit from business planning, resources, and expert advice to support your business growth – well worth the low cost of the capital 


Connect with our lending relationship manager to explore your options based on your credit score.

  • Businesses must have been in operation for at least 12 months.

  • If current ECDI Borrower, must have made all payments on time within the last 12 months.

  • Current loan applicants are not eligible.

  • Current loan clients with active loans less than 12 months are not eligible.

  • Current ECDI clients will be capped at $50,000 aggregate exposure.

Secure up to $10,000 of working capital and take the next step toward growing your empire today:

ECDI Client

David Anders, Owner, Karate Works

ECDI made the whole loan process practically effortless. I was able to move out of a fitness studio I was renting into my own space on the busiest street in Maumee, with a big sign out front. On top of that, they helped with refining my business plan and researching my competitors. Their mentorship was invaluable.


Support Small Businesses Today

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