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When you purchase a pizza, Harvest throws some dough to ECDI to help small businesses who knead support.
As a nonprofit small business resource center and America's #1 SBA microlender, ECDI provides funding, training, mentoring, and other support to awesome local companies, like Harvest Pizzeria, that make our community great.

We thank you and Harvest Pizzeria for paying it forward to the up-and-coming local businesses we support!

Explore this website to learn more about ECDI's small business
loans, services, and how you can contribute. Keep scrolling to learn why what we do is important.
Small businesses keep the economy cooking!
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They represent 43.5% of America's GDP

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They employ nearly half of the entire American workforce

Yet, when it comes to funding, small businesses get a small slice of the pie.

Of small businesses that fail, 8 out of 10 business owners cited cash flow or lack of funding as the reason.
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And many small business owners could use a bigger helping of training.
Small business owners who invest in entrepreneurial training are more likely to:
Increase revenue
Secure capital
Create a meaningful impact

Every entrepreneur should take advantage of the free training ECDI offers! 

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This is why ECDI dishes out small business resources, training, and funding for your favorite local businesses, including Harvest Pizzeria. 

As important as they are to our communities, small businesses often don't have the resources they need to succeed.

ECDI was founded to help rewrite this recipe. 

Since 2004:
small business owners served
in business loans disbursed
Ohio jobs created or retained
Chris Crader

"It just quite frankly wouldn't be possible without ECDI to bridge that gap [between] having a dream and a business plan – to having a store or food truck."

— Chris Crader, owner of Harvest Pizzeria

Learn how you can contribute to helping some of your favorite small businesses thrive, through ECDI:

Harvest Pizzeria is one of the many small businesses we support. 

In the U.S., 48% of businesses say word-of-mouth is their best marketing tool.
Share this page to help us all spread the word about the importance of small business and why they need everyone's support.

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