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Social Enterprise Hub

Let us help you create a sustainable business, so you can create lasting community impact.

Is doing good in your community at the top of your priority list? You'll find all the help you need to grow your business  so you can grow your social impact – at ECDI.

ECDI's Social Enterprise Hub gives you access to industry-specific networking, training, mentorship, and more. It also gives you access to our robust small business support infrastructure, built through nearly two decades of work with diverse entrepreneurs, so you can shore up business basics, get help aligning your social mission with your business model, access loan capital if needed, and build a strong, sustainable organization.

Make sure you're in the best position to create lasting, positive impact by setting your business up for long-term success. Learn more:

About ECDI's Social Enterprise Hub

Program basics

What is a social enterprise?

Is my company a social enterprise?

How is a SE different  than other businesses?


ECDI's Social Enterprise Hub offerings

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ECDI's Central Ohio ecosystem partners

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Program Description

About ECDI's Social Enterprise Hub

ECDI's Social Enterprise Hub supports small businesses and organizations that are committed to doing good in their communities. We help you with the fundamentals every business needs to be successful, while infusing social enterprise (SE)-specific training and connections to meet your mission-driven needs.

No matter what stage of business development you're in, you'll benefit from the opportunity to test, scale, or grow your concept within our SE program options.

We proudly support change makers in Ohio (and some contiguous KY and IN counties), from diverse backgrounds, regardless of age, gender, race, socioeconomic status, or other.

What is a social enterprise?

A SE is an organization – either for-profit or nonprofit – that is committed to a social mission, while also following the market-driven approach and financial principles needed to run a sustainable business. 

Unsure if your small business is a social enterprise? Take a short quiz to find out.

How is running a social enterprise different than a regular business?

SE entrepreneurs need to adhere to basic business principles, while also taking into account the requirements of meeting their social mission. Your mission may affect aspects of your business including your financial model, HR needs, marketing, or other. ECDI's SE team will be helpful to you in identifying these areas and helping you accommodate them in your business plan.

Social Enterprise Business Loans

If raising venture capital is not feasible for you or your business, and  you've struggled to access traditional loan capital, ECDI is here to help. Since 2004, we've helped thousands of under-banked entrepreneurs access affordable funding.

If you have a feasible business plan, showing the ability to pay back a business loan, you are able to apply for responsible, low-barrier loan funding through ECDI. Learn more about ECDI small business loans and requirements.

Need help fine-tuning your plan, or turning your idea into a viable business model? ECDI advisers are here to help. 

Any entrepreneur can meet with an ECDI adviser to vet their business plan and can attend no-cost virtual workshops and group trainings.

Social Enterprise Hub Benefits

  • General business and social enterprise-specific training
    Hub members have access to training on business basics all entrepreneurs need to succeed, as well as SE-specific help refining your business plan to meet your impact goals.

  • Access to loan funding
    If options such as traditional lending and venture capital aren't a good fit for you, we can help. If you have a viable business plan, and just need funding to make it happen, ECDI gives you access to low-barrier, affordable loan capital.

  • Professional connections
    In addition to ECDI's network of professionals and trainers, we help you find meaningful connections within Central Ohio's SE ecosystem.

  • Use of shared business facilities 
    Keep your overhead low and position yourself in close proximity to business pros and SE peers. For everyday business needs, ECDI gives you access to co-working and office space, meeting rooms, wireless internet, and a business center with printing, laptops, and more. For more specialized needs, we provide access to a commercial kitchen, photo studio, and other physical resources. Please note: access to facilities may be limited per most-current pandemic status and safety recommendations.

  • Help with certifications
    If applicable, Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), Women Business Enterprise (WBE) and other certifications will open your business up to procurement opportunities and other benefits. ECDI can help you attain relevant certifications.


  • Ongoing professional assistance
    Take advantage of continued technical assistance, business training and mentor matching.

ECDI's Central Ohio ecosystem partners

  • Social Ventures
    Supporting, advocating for and helping fund businesses advancing solutions to problems in our community. Visit

  • Seachange
    Providing training to help social entrepreneurs develop sustainability, determine their meaningful social impact, and access the tools they need to successfully launch their business. Visit

  • Giveback Hack
    Holding events that bring together passionate community members to help them develop sustainable solutions to our most pressing social issues. Visit

  • Urban Accelerator / The U
    Urban entrepreneur support organization, serving small and main street businesses and highlighting those run by people of color by offering culturally competent resources, education and engagement. Visit

  • IFF 
    Providing loans, consulting, and development support to mission-driven nonprofits to help communities thrive. Visit

  • Business for Good
    Student organization at The Ohio State University exploring how social impact can be at the core of any business, focused on building awareness of social entrepreneurship and fostering connections between our members and the social impact community in Columbus. Visit

  • CoHatch
    Offering coworking, private offices, and space for meetings and events. Visit


  • Cause Impact
    Offering innovation services including consultants and coaches that help nonprofit organizations drive greater change through entrepreneurship, innovation, and strategic focus. Visit

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