Small Business Solutions Loan

Loan Parameters:  

  • Up to $2,500
  • Rate 7% fixed, no closing costs
  • Term 12 months
  • No application fee.  Client must be a WBC member or pay the $80 WBC membership fee.


  • All applications are subject to our underwriting criteria for approval
  • Must be eligible to receive SBA funds
  • Minimum credit score of 590
  • Proof of business ownership and EIN
  • WBC membership



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For further information on the Small Business Solutions Loan, please contact our offices:

Akron: 330.888.3119, Chris Faircloth:

Cincinnati: 513.608.6107, Ella Frye:

Cleveland: 216.912.5655, Nicole Liatos:

Columbus: 614.559.0115, Ramona Mills:

Toledo: 419.214.4182, Nicole Liatos:


ECDI is an Equal Opportunity Lender and is prohibited from discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, religion, sex, and familial status. ECDI reserves the right to accept or deny any loan application, within reason.