The Retail Incubation Supporting Entrepreneurs (RISE) is a developmental and support program for retailers that will create jobs, help stabilize older retail corridors and support the growth and maturation of existing small retail micro businesses within Franklin County.

Partnering with the Franklin County commissioners and Franklin County's Economic Development Planning Department, the program is intended to assist low-income individuals in Franklin County to either start or grow their existing retail enterprise. Business owners will obtain training as well as one-on-one specialized technical assistance in all areas related to managing a retail operation. Participants of the program will also be provided the opportunity to receive low interest loans to assist with the purchase of machinery, equipment, and working capital for their retail establishments.

"Retailers are the backbone of our economy," says John O'Grady, President of the Franklin County Board of Commissioners. "We know that our innovative and dedicated local businesses can compete successfully in the changing marketplace, and we're really excited about the opportunity to help them."

For more information on how to participate in our RISE program, contact Patty Tumen at