Investment Opportunities

Invest Local Ohio

In the past years, as the demand for ECDI loans has skyrocketed, we've developed the Invest Local Ohio program, which provides community members the opportunity to invest in small businesses in our community by investing in ECDI's Invest Local Ohio Fund.

Every dollar invested will be loaned to small businesses in our community, leveraged with at least two more dollars from 31 existing ECDI loan funds. ECDI investors will receive a 2% return on their investment if they sign a 3 year note and a 3% return on a 5 year note. Under this program, ECDI is able to make loans up to $350,000 to anyone who goes through our underwriting process and is approved by our external loan review committee, which consists of bankers, local entrepreneurs, and other professionals in the community.

Contact Steve Fireman, to learn more.