Food Fort

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The Food Fort provides food entrepreneurs access to specialized training resources, marketing and sales assistance, 24/7 ongoing technical assistance, a fully-licensed commercial kitchen for cooking and baking needs, and food safety certification courses. Strategically located in a USDA "food desert”, the Food Fort gives its clients access to untapped markets and networks that help optimize employment opportunities.

Featuring three full service kitchens, walk-in coolers and freezers, dry storage and prep areas, the Food Fort enables current and aspiring food business operators to develop their own unique culinary masterpieces, learn to market their business effectively, and network with other food-based entrepreneurs so they can establish their own successful businesses without substantial upfront investment.

From gourmet cupcake creators to beef jerky enthusiasts, wedding caterers to food truck moguls, the Food Fort is comprised of all sorts of “foodie” entrepreneurs, creating a diverse workplace that truly thrives on the creativity of its clients.

For more information about becoming a Food Fort member, visit the website or contact Terry Traster at

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