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Columbus: class: Capital for Construction: An Introduction to QuickBooks

Wednesday, Feb 20 11:00 AM to 1:30 PM

An Introduction to QuickBooks  

Presented by Janeen Smith-Hughes, Licensed CPA & Owner, Simplicity Accounting

For ECDI’s upcoming Capital for Construction: QuickBooks, you’ll be exploring the program alongside a QuickBooks expert. ECDI’s partner, JPMorgan Chase, has provided a mobile computer lab for our attendees to have an interactive experience! This is a great opportunity to get hands-on instruction!

For those unfamiliar with the QuickBooks platform, it’s an online tool used to help small businesses keep track of business finances. This interactive training will help you navigate the software and provide a basic understanding of its ability to manage sales/expenses and keep track of daily transactions.

Our presenter, Janeen Smith-Hughes, owner of Simplicity Accounting, is a certified professional in QuickBooks with more than 15 years’ experience working with small businesses.

Lunch will be provided compliments of ECDI. However, registrants will be charged a $10 fee for lunch if they do not attend.

**Please let us know if you plan on using your own personal laptop for the class**

Location of Event:

Columbus and Central Ohio
1655 Old Leonard Avenue * Blue Door Entrance
Columbus, OH 43219


Registration is now closed for this event. Please look for future events to register for.