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Cleveland and Northern Ohio: class: Grow Here: Cash is King

Thursday, Feb 28 9:15am to 11:15am

You’ll be hard pressed to find anything that creates more sleepless nights for business owners than cash! Yet most small business owners don’t have an effective cash forecasting tool in place that lets them know where they stand today, next week, next month, and next quarter. A big reason for that is they’ve never been taught how to properly utilize their financial statements to pull this information together.

Today’s workshop is designed with this in mind to help you better understand what your financial statements are telling you and how to utilize them to run your business.

*All attendees to bring 2018 Financial Statements (P&L, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow)*

Location of Event:

Women's Business Center
7000 Euclid Ave., Suite 203
Cleveland, OH 44103


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