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Please mark your calendar now! The Big Give is June 10 at 10:00 a.m. All donations will be boosted by The Columbus Foundation, so you’ll amplify your gift by donating on June 10-11.

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Why donate?

Columbus’ small businesses need support now more than ever. ECDI is working hard to assure some of the most vulnerable businesses survive the COVID pandemic – and prepare for enduring success.

Following are ways ECDI is helping small businesses weather the pandemic. Your gift will help us continue this increased level of support to protect local companies and jobs. Since the onset of the crisis, we have:

  • Given automatic deferments on all loan payments
  • Worked with banks and other funders to offer several COVID emergency loan funds, and more than doubled our volume of loan output to provide businesses with the capital to stay afloat
  • Waived rent for all Food Fort businesses
  • Offered free training and assistance to any small business
  • Donated the use of our kitchen facilities to SERVICE!, a non-profit community relief effort that serves up to 400 meals daily to displaced food service workers
  • Covered the costs of one Food Fort food truck every week to park in front of a hospital or community support organization and serve free meals to frontline workers or food-insecure citizens, therefore helping create income opportunities for our small business partners while caring for our most vulnerable neighbors

What community impact does your donation support?

Since March, ECDI has provided sustaining capital to 86 Ohio small businesses, creating or sustaining 301 jobs.

Of those companies, 55% are minority-owned and 56% are women-owned, showing our dedication to serving the communities that are often underserved by banks and traditional lenders.

“[ECDI] continues to help us every step of the way. …It amazes me the work that this small nonprofit does in this community and how dedicated they are to see that these small businesses make it to the other side. …I appreciate that they genuinely have concern for me and my employees.”

– Lisa A. Gutierrez, Owner of Dos Hermanos, authentic Mexican food, since 2012

Get a glimpse into the life of a food-based entrepreneur during a global pandemic:

We’ve more than doubled our loan output and offered support ranging from deferred payments to free training and technical assistance. Your gift will help us continue this increased level of support to protect the companies and jobs we’ve helped create over the years.

Donating is easy

Don’t forget to visit The Big Give, starting June 10 at 10:00 a.m. for a 25-hour giving rally.

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To make your boosted donation on June 10, simply follow these step-by-step instructions:

  1. VISIT ECDI’s profile on The Columbus Foundation’s Giving Store, beginning at 10:00 a.m. ET on Wednesday, June 10
  2. GIVE securely using a major U.S. credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay or PayPal
  3. SHARE your experience and why you gave using #biggive, to encourage others in your network to do the same