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ECDI Celebrates James Grills

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

On May 6th 2017, the ECDI family had to say a tough goodbye to beloved colleague James Grills, who lost his battle with cancer. One of ECDI’s most admired employees, James brought an infectious energy and dedication to his work environment that left a lasting impression on anyone that was fortunate enough to cross paths with him in life.

Brought on as a Relationship Manager in June 2013 with a background in finance and banking, James’ professionalism was a great fit for ECDI. However, to simply measure the legacy he left behind in the amount of lending deals he secured would do a disservice to James as a person. His no-nonsense work ethic coupled with his “don’t take yourself too seriously” attitude charmed the hearts of his clients and colleagues alike.

James possessed the rare gift of making one feel at ease upon their very first conversation. Clients often remarked that when they struck up a  conversation with James, it was as if he had been a longtime friend for years. “He made us feel like we mattered” was a common theme shared amongst his clients. Never shying away from telling others what they needed to hear, his candid yet heartfelt honesty was refreshing to the ECDI work environment, while equally important to his client’s well being.

These days, the lending office feels a bit emptier. When stress was at an all-time high, James bellowing laugh could cut through the tension like a knife. He was so full of life, which makes his passing that much sadder for all of us. James would want the work to continue. He wouldn’t want any credit and the mere idea of this piece being written for him would likely have been met with something along the lines of, “don’t you guys have anything better to write about?”  But today, we do not. James has earned this recognition and all we can do is carry on his legacy through the work we do that meant so much to him.